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It's very difficult to replace a lampshade without having your lamp. We like to tell our customers "Buying a lamp shade without your lamp base is like buying a hat without your head!" Bring in your lamp and we can surely find the shade for you. We have a tremendous selection of shades in all shapes, sizes, colors and fitters. Can't part with your old shade and expense isn't an issue? We will gladly send it off your shade to have the frame recovered with quality fabric. You can choose from a large selection of fabrics and trimmings. We have shades for all styles. From Plain Jane to Funky we can find the shade for you! We provide custom solutions that you won’t find in larger stores.

Lamp Making, Rewiring, Restoring

We offer a variety of lamp repairs. From something as simple as replacing a socket or cord to completely restoring your favorite old lamp, we are your experts! We rewire table lamps, floor lamps, and chandeliers. Let us make you a lamp from your personal object. Whether it is a porcelain vase, figurine or fire extinguisher, we can make you a lamp out of just about ANYTHING!!! If you can dream it, we'll try to make it.

Lamp Re-Wiring

While plenty of do-it-yourself books try to teach you how to rewire your lamp, when it comes to electrical appliances, Baker Lamps and Linens are experts.  We’ll remove the original wiring and replace it with safe, compliant wiring that will work for years to come.

New Lamp Shades and Recovering Shade Restoration

Bring in your lampshade frame and we’ll strip it down to the bare wire and restore it with quality fabric. You can choose from a large selection of fabrics and trimmings. We can even replace your damaged frame. Your lampshades will look better than ever.

Custom Built Lamp Gallery “Lamp Surgery in Progress” Lamp Restoration